Basic Features of JCIL

Basic Features of JCIL:
  • To carry out merchant banking activities including issue management, underwriting and portfolio management with a view to develop a vibrant capital market; 
  • To widen the scope and area of investment by mobilizing savings of small and medium level investors thereby generating demand for securities;
  • To bring high quality companies to capital market and thereby facilitating adequate supply of securities;
  • To infuse professionalism and efficiency in portfolio management;
  • To establish perfect combination of high quality buy - sell execution capabilities and create a large network among investors and broker community.  
  • Underwriting to initial public offering of shares, debentures and bonds;
  • Underwriting of repeat public offering of shares, debentures and bonds;
  • Underwriting of right issue of share;
  • Issue management;
  • Managing Investors' Portfolios;
  • Providing investment counsel to issuers and investors' including financial restructuring / engineering and corporate advisory services;
  • Managing proprietary portfolio by purchasing shares and debentures including placement and    equity participation;  
  • Dealing in other matters related to capital market operations. 
Merchant banking services to the Investors
  • Provide service with high degree of professionalism and using of modern technology.
  • Create long-term relationship based on mutual trust
  • Respond to customer needs with speed and accuracy.
  • Share their values and beliefs.
  • Provide services at competitive pricing.
  • Provide fair treatment to all investors without any discrimination.
  • Deals with investors in a transparent manner and without any hidden cost.
  • Maintain strict secrecy of investors account.
  • Respond quickly with complaints received from the investors.
  • Listen to clients and work for improvement of customer service as per their suggestion(s).
Principles followed in dealing with Regulators
  • We are transparent in operations and governance.
  • We have a culture of timely compliance of regulatory requirements.
  • We give utmost and proper importance and value to their suggestions and directives and implement them for improvement of our corporate governance standard.
  • We safeguard information and do not misuse it.