Underwriting & Other Activities

JCIL entered into underwriting agreement with 08 companies amounting to Tk 73.11 crore in the year 2013. List of the companies to which underwriting commitment was made are as follows:
Sl. No. Name of the Company Size of Issue
(In taka)
Amount underwritten
(In taka)
01 Mohammed Elias Brothers Poy Manufacturing Plant Limited 25.00   1.00 Under Process
02 Emerald Oil Industries Limited 20.00   3.00 Under Process
03 KDS Accessories Limited. 40.80   4.59 Under Process
04 BRAC Bank Limited 443.30 20.00 Under Process
05 MYMCO Jute Mills (Composite) Limited. 12.00   3.00 Under Process
06 Generation Next Fashions Limited. 112.47 15.00 Under Process
07 Summit Uttaranchol Power 129.00   8.50 Under Process
08 Hamid Fabrics Limited 129.00 18.02 Under Process
  Total : (Tk. in crore) 73.11 Crore
(Fig in Tk. Crore)
Comparative scenario of underwriting activities of JCIL from 2010 to 2013:
Underwriting 2013 2012 2011 2010
No. of Companies 08 09 09 05
Underwriting Commitment (Tk. in crore)
69.005 182.84 40.16
Private Placement:
JCIL purchased Private Placement share for its own portfolio amounting to Tk.6.86 crore was taken from the following Companies: 
Name of The Company No. of Shares Price per Share   Total Cost
Hamid Fabrics Ltd. 1,400,000 36.00 50,400,000.00
Fiber Shine Ltd. 4,72,500 10.00 4,725,000.00
Bangladesh Building System (BBS) 6,00,000 10.00 60,00,000.00
National Feed Mills Ltd. 2,50,000 10.00 25,00,000.00
Zaheen Spinning Ltd. 5,00,000 10.00 50,00,000.00
Total                                                                                                     6,86,25,000.00
Janata Capital and Investment Limited also took initiative to arrange fund for a power plant named Rajlanka Power Company Ltd. Because of delay in implementation of the project, fund raising activities remained in force in 2013. Remarkable progress has been achieved regarding implementation of the project. The foreign sponsors from Srilanka have sent equity money amounting Tk. 100.00 crore. Besides Janata Bank Ltd other institutions such as ICB, Standard Bank Ltd, NDB bank Sri Lanka, and Sampath Bank PLC, Sri Lanka provided Tk.276 crore in from of loan and equity. The project commenced operation and supplying electricity to the National Grid through Power Development Board.